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Charlize Thanks Marc

Charlize Thanks Marc

In her acceptance speech at the SAG Awards, Charlize Theron graciously thanks Marc for his work on "Monster."


In HBO's film RECOUNT, the Republican's plot their strategy to keep the WHo use. Tom Wilkinson and Bob Balaban were both nominated for an Emmy in the roles of James Baker and Ben Ginsburg. Here Marc plays Robert Zoelick a strategist in the 2000 election.


Sandra Bullock stars in this film about a woman who keeps reliving the death of her husband, involved in a car crash. But did it really happen, or is it a "Premonition"?

The Hawk is Dying

Paul Giamatti and Marc square off over the death of Marc's (Alonso's) son in this Indie production entitled "The Hawk is dying".


Charlize Theron won an Academy Award in 2004 for this role. In this scene Marc (Will) is another customer/victim for this homicidal hooker.

Blood and Wine

Jack Nicholson plays a wine vender who is actually stealing a diamond from an estate that Marc and Mike Starr are protecting as Security Guards.




As a District Attorney running for re-election, Marc tries to hire Woody Harrelson to be his press liaison. Unaware of the murder he is covering up.

Bad Boys

This was Director Michael Bay’s first Studio Film. Here, Marc plays “Noah Trafficante” a murdering thug out to finish Tea Leoni, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.


Preparing a group of boot camp newbies that includes Colin Farrell, Marc delivers a quick paced monologue to the young recruits.

Passenger 57

Wesley Snipes tries to clear a commercial jet of a group of International Terrorists. But how do you figure out who’s who on this flight?

Wild Things 2

Proving that it’s always better to knock on a person’s door than peek through their window, Isaiah Washington has to think quickly to avoid lead poisoning from Marc.





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